Forge better relationships with residents using Ark

Tenant’s experiences can be improved by curating better-connected communities; increasing wellbeing, safety and feeling of belonging.  Ark are working closely with HACT to adopt a data-driven approach, focussing on keeping the customer central to decision making.

Ark has developed a digital product to help social housing tenants forge better relationships within their community, to better access services, and engage more with their landlords.

You can use Ark’s technology to:

  • Provide a Resident Hub
  • Forge longer-lasting human connections with each other and with the places people call home.
  • Increases efficiency, streamline reporting and support ESG initiatives
  • Support and work alongside existing systems
  • Help establish new communities

The resident hub

The Ark app offers residents a “one-stop-shop” for all their property needs – be that to learn about what is going on in their local area, or to report a repair. Ark integrates with your existing workflows to enable us to focus on helping curate loyal communities while acting as the conduit for your property maintenance needs. Come to report a repair, end up meeting a new neighbour or discover an exciting event happening next week! Through Ark, you can learn more about your community, receive information and offers about things around the corner and meet your neighbours and make new friends – that’s what being a community is all about!

Connect Communities

Connect with residents

Communicate with residents through a fast and easy-to-use platform, allowing you to receive ad-hoc feedback on the fly and answer any questions which may arise, allowing you to get in front of problems before they have the chance to become serious.

Introduce residents to their neighbourhood

Introduce residents to the local area, connecting them with places such as shops; gyms; and local charities, while also telling them more about the place they call home. This helps increase their pride in the place they call home while introducing residents to support networks and community hubs.

"A house you're proud to call home"

We believe everyone should have a house they’re proud to call home and by empowering residents to have their voices heard we help residents feel pride in where they call home whilst encourage residents to take ownership of their own home.

Evidence Engagement

Demonstrate community engagement

Using our innovative Community Engagement Score, we provide a data-driven score to track meaningful interactions with the residents of any given community, while also supporting from a governance perspective.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Ark’s interactive sentiment analysis provides a better way of analysing resident feedback, enabling you to be more reactive to resident needs while enabling you to get to know your residents in a way that hasn’t been visible before. This helps you make better, more informed decisions saving your opportunity cost and helps maximise resources.

Increase efficiency

Ark’s quick-time feedback provides a better way of compiling feedback, allowing property management to focus on what is important to residents, thereby enabling you to maximise productivity, all while working alongside your current workflows.

Information Pack

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