The journey to net zero carbon

We can help you decide what actions your organisation needs to take to drive forward your journey to net zero carbon emissions.

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Our journey to net zero

By decarbonising our nation’s homes, social housing will play a critical role in helping the UK achieve its climate change targets.

We’re here to help you and your residents on that journey, by accelerating and testing the solutions needed to drive our sector’s net zero carbon ambitions, now and in the future.

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How HACT can help

We make it easier for you to measure your organisation’s progress on the net zero carbon agenda and put data at the heart of your solutions. Understand the impact your projects have on the environment and wellbeing of your residents and communities and improve your sustainability reporting with our suite of tools.

UK Social Value Bank

Measure the difference your projects make to residents and the environment with HACT’s social value bank.

Community Insight

Identify which areas in your local community are struggling with environmental challenges with our geo mapping tool.

The UK Housing Data Standards

Data is the starting point for our journey to net zero carbon. Join us in developing v3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards to improve data governance and quality across our sector.


Driving Net Zero

By Billy Holt, Market Insight Lead

In this blog Billy Holt takes time to consider what actions we, as sector, can take to help reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

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