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Racial Equality Group

The REG is a diverse cross-sector network of housing professionals who are committed to conversation and action about racial inequality within our sector and the communities it serves. While the focus of the Racial Equality Group is on racial equality and social housing overall, there is a particular focus on service delivery and the work housing associations do with communities.

About the network and chair

Dele Ryder

Partnership and Fundraising Manager at A2Dominion, Racial Equality Group Chair

I have worked for A2Dominion Housing Group for over nine years as a Partnership and Fundraising Manager within community investment. I have a strong belief in equalities and diversity, and as the lead chair for HACT and the Centre’s Race Equality Group I want to ensure our that our membership is strong and diverse, we promote opportunities where black and minority ethnic voices can be heard, and we have a focus on securing resources and additional funding to deliver our core objectives.

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The Centre uses Basecamp, an online collaboration space, to help network members stay connected in between meetings. On basecamp you can:

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Watch & listen again

Celebrating Our Sisters: Black female leaders in social housing

The Racial Equality Group celebrated Black History Month 2023 with an event “Celebrating Our Sisters: Black female leaders in social housing” which hosted a panel of incredible Black women who shared their experiences, accomplishments and thoughts with delegates. 

Q&A with Lara Oyedele

CIH President Lara Oydele, takes questions from the audience covering a range of topics!

Q&A with Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

In June, the REG hosted a Q&A with Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol. It was an excellent session and Marvin spoke candidly about his experience leading Bristol during the removal of the Edward Colston statue, what it takes to be a person of colour in leadership , and what a housing system that delivers racial equality would look like.

Black History Month 365 Fund

In May, the Racial Equality Group hosted an event to launch the third round of the Black History Month 365 Fund, a collaborative fund to support community groups to host events that promote black history and culture throughout the year.

Unequal and disproportionate: the impact of the cost of living crisis on Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents

For this Racial Equality Group event, the focus was on the impact of the cost of living crisis on Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents. We were joined by 3 speakers, Stephen Burns, Executive Director of Care and Communities at Peabody,  Max Williams, Senior Researcher at The Runnymede Trust and Ayesha Begum, Programme Manager for Strategy & Impact at Fair4All Finance who shared their insights, research and expertise. 

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