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Housing Association Youth Network (HAYN)

The Housing Associations Youth Network (HAYN) exists to work with and for young people aged 11-25 that live in and around our communities. It is a peer network of youth focused representatives from the social housing sector.

About the network and chair

Sarah Willis

Head of Strategic Partnerships and National Delivery at MTVH, HAYN Co-Chair

I’m the Head of Strategic Partnerships and National Delivery at MTVH, and I’m passionate about creating the conditions for residents to thrive in local communities. In a past role, I managed Positive Futures, Britain’s largest national youth crime prevention programme, and have significant experience with Government programmes including Every Child Matters, Extended Service Schools and Targeted Youth Support across 32 local authorities. As co-chair of HAYN I want to amplify young people’s voices so they influence services, policies and decision making that affects their lives.

About the network and chair

Daniel Rose

Spotlight Centre Director at Poplar Harca, HAYN Co-Chair

My background is in youth and social work, and I feel irresistibly challenged to find creative ways to work with and support young people as part of my role! As Co-Chair of HAYN I want to work in partnership to make sure that effective youth work is recognised as a vital part of community services, and invest in youth services to help our young people develop resilience.

Stay connected between meetings

The Centre uses Basecamp, an online collaboration space, to help network members stay connected in between meetings. On basecamp you can:

  • Ask questions and share resources with other members of the network
  • Access notes from previous network meetings
  • View dates for upcoming meetings

To join the Scotland Network Basecamp group please contact

You can also join our ‘New Opportunities’ Basecamp team, where we will post about new funding, collaboration or job opportunities which will be relevant for all of our networks. Link to join here.

You can see a screenshot of Basecamp’s simple interface below.


Learn more

Learn more about any of the networks and about joining, contact HACT Head of Communities and Projects, Rebecca Rieley

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