Wednesday 29 November
10:30 — 12:00
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Digital Inclusion Network

A collaboration of housing associations working in partnership with the Digital Poverty Alliance to improve digital inclusion and digital access. The digital inclusion network brings together social housing colleagues to share best practice and resources and to hear from expert speakers working specifically to foster digital inclusion.

Stay connected between meetings

The Centre uses Basecamp, an online collaboration space, to help network members stay connected in between meetings. On basecamp you can:

  • Ask questions and share resources with other members of the network
  • Access notes from previous network meetings
  • View dates for upcoming meetings

To join the Scotland Network Basecamp group please contact

You can also join our ‘New Opportunities’ Basecamp team, where we will post about new funding, collaboration or job opportunities which will be relevant for all of our networks. Link to join here.

You can see a screenshot of Basecamp’s simple interface below.


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Learn more about any of the networks and about joining, contact HACT Head of Communities and Projects, Rebecca Rieley

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