Thursday 24 November
10:00 — 11:00
Past Event

A conversation with Lara Oyedele – A Racial Equality Group event

On Thursday 24 November, the Racial Equality Group was joined by CIH president Lara Oyedele to discuss her CIH presidential campaign and what she aims to achieve in her presidential year, as well as discussing the role of housing associations in addressing racial inequality within communities, and how board diversity can affect that. Lara also fielded some interesting questions from the audience around race, diversity, equity and inclusion and more!

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Presentation: In conversation with Lara Oyedele

Q&A with Lara Oyedele

CIH President Lara Oydele, takes questions from the audience covering a range of topics!

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Shoe aid

Shoe Aid is working with some of the largest organisations in the UK to reduce footwear poverty and reduce footwear waste and its impact on the environment.

CIH - Equality, diversity and inclusion

Explore the tools and resources available from CIH promoting and understanding equality, diversity and inclusion across housing professionals.

Video: Todrick Hall - Ordinary day

Lara shared the music video from Todrick Hall which challenges perceptions. View the full video.

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