Housing associations are increasingly developing programmes aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of their tenants and communities.

Whether it’s promoting healthy eating programmes, tackling isolation of older and vulnerable people, promoting mental wellbeing, or helping tenants access the full range of health services locally, housing associations are taking an increasing role in reaching out to those who experience some of the worse health inequalities in our communities.

To support this work, HACT have been running a health and housing development programmes and events.  Speakers from across health have explored how programmes can be strategically aligned with local health priorities, how they can be developed in partnership with the NHS and other health agencies, and how new resources can unlocked and targeted at our tenants.

The key to developing housing and health further is a convincing evidence base to demonstrate ‘what works’.  Creating this will require collaborations between housing providers to expand the available data and a coordination of major research bodies. 

Working with our academic partners, HACT are uniquely placed to construct an evidence base for housing providers around the health work they are undertaking. We have already started to develop standards for healthy eating interventions with Public Health England, and will progress this work into other key health priorities.