Why are you collecting resident feedback?

Understanding this is fundamental. 

It’s not enough just to employ a head of customer voice or customer insight team. 

To use feedback to improve your services you need an organisational culture that values ongoing resident feedback. 

And you need to ensure you've got the right people with the right skills. 

Our support

You need to get the balance right between staff skilled in communicating with residents and those who can understand and interpret data, and can apply those findings to the business.

We can help you use become more insight driven. 

Discovery tool: addresses your current approach to resident feedback, assessing your business drivers and developing a strategy that delivers an organisation-wide approach.

Data training: we can design and deliver training to meet your data capability needs, from our OSCRE Learning Labs and bespoke training for data stewards to e-learning for everyone in your organisation. 

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Our resident feedback framework

The response of social housing organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and their engagement with their residents provides an unprecedented opportunity.

Our framework, developed and published in 2020, can help you build on that engagement and implement a resident feedback model that has the experience of residents – and their voice – at the heart of the business of social housing.

Find out how we can help you improve your approach to resident feedback.