Value Insight Frequently Asked Questions

What is Value Insight

Value Insight is a web-based tool which enables subscribers to understand, measure and map the social impact of their community investment activities and their impact on the local economy.

How can it help me?

Subscription to Value Insight enables you to build up a work plan of your community investment portfolio, record your budgets and targets, upload participation and results data, and produce reports to present alongside your financial reports.

Who can use it?

Value Insight is designed for easy use by staff across housing providers.  Anyone with an interest in how their housing stock relates to community can make use of it.  However, it is likely to be of greatest value to community investment practitioners, regeneration teams, and housing managers with "patch responsibility".  Senior managers and boards will also welcome its strategic overview of the communities they work in. 

Where do the values come from?

The values are calculated through statistical analyses of four large national UK datasets that contain data on wellbeing and life circumstances: British Household Panel Survey (BHPS), Understanding Society, The Crime Survey for England and Wales, The Taking Part survey. These datasets include people’s responses to wellbeing questions, and questions on a large number of aspects and circumstances of their lives such as employment status, marital status, health status, whether they volunteer, whether they play sports, whether they live in a safe area, and so on, resulting in a wide range of values. The majority of values come from the BHPS which has been completed each year by more than 10,000 of the same individuals since 1991 and so incorporates over 20 years of panel data. 

Who are OCSI?

OCSI are an applied research spin-out from Oxford University who manage, maintain, analyse and provide access to public data.  They provide data management and analysis services to significant parts of the local public sector.

How much does it cost?

Value Insight is £5,000+VAT a year and is now available as a system independent of its sister tool, Community Insight.  If you are a subscriber to Community Insight, Value Insight is available for £3,500 +VAT.

What's the difference between Value Insight and the Value Calculator?

This handy document will tell you all the main differences. Please click here to access it.