UK Housing's Digital on Board Programme

Is your business ready to start using technology as a tool for business transformation?

Do you have the understanding and insight you need at a governance level to ensure you are fit to navigate the opportunities and challenges offered by digital transformation?

What can a tech literate board member bring to your organisation?

  • Help you treat IT and technology as an opportunity
  • Promote a data driven culture
  • Establish capacity to move beyond legacy systems and processes
  • Provide the strategic leadership needed to embrace emerging and innovative technologies

The commercial world has already embraced the need for technology to feed into all aspects of the business and no longer see it an operating cost to be managed but rather as a key element of any business transformation strategy. Executive level tech expertise is required to help drive a culture in organisations where technology is at the heart of business change and transformation.

UK Housing's Digital On-board Programme will help housing providers

Digital On-board will:

  • Recruit: find high quality professionals from the technology sector who can bring their skills, knowledge and expertise to your organisation
  • Support: board member to navigate UK housing supporting their transition to the sector and providing resources to help them understand the priorities regulation and culture of the sector.
  • Build a network: an executive group of technology focused housing board members who can drive cross sector initiatives and represent housing providers to the tech world.

If you would like to learn more about about the programme contact: