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Fresh thinking on social impact

If someone had told me a few years ago I’d be working with an economist to measure social impact, I would’ve told them they were suffering from Substitution Bias and to fiscal off. Since we’ve been working with Daniel Fujiwara, an Economist at LSE, I’ve seen economics with fresh eyes. A new relevance has been revealed through a brilliantly robust way to assess and measure the results of community projects.

How social landlords can attract the right institutional investor

(This article was published on the Guardian Housing Network on 8 May 2013)

It's been a turbulent time for funding partnerships in the housing sector. Revenue risks brought on by welfare reform and some high-profile mismatches between social landlords and funders have left many providers wondering how they can secure long-term, sustainable investment from the right institution.

A crucial time for impact measurement: New research explores lessons being learnt in the housing sector

13 April 2012.

This aricle was published on The Information Daily on 13 April 2012.

Housing organisations are investing around £435 million a year into community based activities beyond their housing management services (NHF Audit, 2008). Many now recognise the need to measure the social impact of these activities. As one manager put it, while they believed they were doing the right thing “there is now a need to turn this ‘gut feeling’ into a more robust and watertight argument which can stand up to scrutiny”.

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