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Communities in control

Whilst working at HACT for about four months now, I have had the pleasure of working on some great projects within the social housing sector. One that rings true to my heart is an ambiguous one due to its ever-changing official title, but to me it includes anything within which the community is involved to help shape their neighbourhoods, whether it be through building homes or renovating old ones.

Self-help housing: an alternative model reducing housing shortage

The Department for Communities and Local Government has allocated £100m as part of it’s Empty Homes Grants Programme in support of bringing empty homes back into use. £70m will go to registered providers and housing associations, which will be available via the Homes and Communities Agency, and £30m has been allocated to 95 community-led housing organisations.

Self-Help Housing

A refurbished Empty Home

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Funding has been made available via DCLG for a £100m Empty Homes Programme and a significant element will be ring fenced specifically for community led housing organisations.

The programme will run from April 2012–March 2015 and provides an opportunity for community led organisations to gain access to housing, either by leasing empty properties from their owners or by acquiring them if finances permit.

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