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Randomised controlled trials start: launching housing RCT research

In his recent blog post, Professor Shaun Treweek provided an excellent introduction to the principles of RCTs – randomised controlled trials. (If you've not read it yet, go and do so now – any blog post that seamlessly links lethal naval scurvy in the 1700s, Donald Rumsfeld, overweight Scottish football fans and innovations in housing has to be worth a read.)

Innovate, but still evaluate and keep it randomised!

The British Navy’s greatest enemy for hundreds of years was not a foreign power but scurvy.  Commander George Anson’s four year expedition around the globe in search of, among other things, Spanish loot, set off with 2,000 men in 1740 and returned with 600 in 1744.  Four of the dead were killed in action; all but a few of the rest were felled by scurvy and vitamin deficiencies. 

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