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HACT and techUK event spurs technology community to build for social housing

This month, in a first-of-its-kind event, HACT and techUK brought together the most forward-thinking minds in housing to explain their challenges and describe their technology wish lists. With one in five UK homes a social home, a large market exists for technology-led solutions to be applied to many of the challenges faced by social landlords today. During the discussion, HACT and techUK members were invited to explore the potential for building for this market and to develop solutions which set out to address real world problems.

A Connected Home

What if we could install smart heating systems which had the potential to save 30% off tenants' energy bills powered by boilers that told us when they needed servicing (and allowed us to shut them down remotely if they showed signs of becoming dangerous) the same sensors supporting these systems telling us if a property had been abandoned (or unexpectedly occupied), or - if you nee

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