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Digibite: your digital future revealed

In the face of declining incomes and rising costs, many housing providers I spoke with at the National Housing Federation conference on business transformation are looking to digital transformation as the key to increasing their commercial efficiency. The question many asked me is, “Where do we start?”

This is where Digibite comes in. It helps organisations to start moving beyond just describing the problems they’re facing and begin putting solutions into practice.

HACT and techUK launch joint bid to bridge UK housing digital governance gap

Housing innovation agency HACT, technology industry organisation techUK and leading digital recruitment specialists Hannington Tame have launched a major initiative aimed at placing leading players from the UK’s digital economy on every housing provider board, committing to helping UK housing bridge its “digital governance gap”.
The initiative will seek to match technology sector leaders to housing providers, provide extensive onboarding support and establish a groundbreaking digital governance network. 

Is housing ready for the age of acceleration?

Last year Google launched with some fanfare the £1m Google “Deep Learning Neural Network” –a network of computers configured in ways which made it capable of learning and responding in ways that mimic the human brain.  Rather endearingly, it chose to showcase the new machine by setting it the task of identifying videos on Youtube in which cats appeared.  This week the creator of Google’s Artifical Bra

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