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Stop reinventing the CLH wheel!


Two years ago, at the end of the empty homes community grants programme, we brokered a number of discussions about community-led housing with some of the leading proponents in the sector. One issue that cropped up repeatedly was the need for one central resource hub.

People told us that agencies were reinventing the wheel each time a community-led housing project started. As a consequence, some of the projects never materialised.

So we stepped in.

Communities in control

Whilst working at HACT for about four months now, I have had the pleasure of working on some great projects within the social housing sector. One that rings true to my heart is an ambiguous one due to its ever-changing official title, but to me it includes anything within which the community is involved to help shape their neighbourhoods, whether it be through building homes or renovating old ones.

Funding Support For Community Led Housing Projects

This is a welcome development, since it makes it possible to secure revenue funding to support the cost of undertaking a feasibility study in advance of embarking on a project which could involve bringing empty property back into use.  However,  qualifying projects  need to involve planning permission, since the whole purpose is to help community led organisations  to work up schemes that require planning permission and to get over that particular  hurdle.

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