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Mapping community investment

“Our Mapping Community Investment tool will help social housing organisations share best practice, learn from each other, and discover innovative ways of delivering community investment,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “The tool will enable the sector to capture evidence of successful projects, so that our work can be more effective in the future.”

Creating great places means sharing resources and power with residents

As housing associations, we already make a difference day in day out, but could we do more to help the communities we serve?

Through the course of the year we saw the positive impact previous national regeneration programmes have had on people and their places across the North and the Midlands. These had been substantial, well-resourced and locally driven initiatives in locations with little, or no prior prospect of private sector investment addressing market failure.

A new funding opportunity

“It’s very much about extending the range of support available so we can use the right tool in the box, be that a grant, loan or whatever,” said Jules Tompkins, the programme’s investment manager. “We’ll also be offering skills development support as we know organisations often need more than just money to succeed in the longer term.”

This type of funding programme will have a significant impact in a number of ways.


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