Social value training

We offer a range of training services, including regular masterclasses as well as bespoke training packs.

An introduction to social value masterclass

Masterclass attendees will learn to understand, measure, and communicate their social impact using the latest versions of the UK Social Value Bank and associated tools and resources. This masterclass will benefit anyone seeking a robust and proportionate way to measure and attach a value to the social impact of their work in communities.

Attendees from outside of the housing sector are more than welcome. No prior knowledge is required to attend.

Advanced masterclass on social value measurement

There are two aspects to the advanced masterclass. In the first session the focus will be on developing a better understanding of measuring your organisation’s impact. It will provide guidelines on data collection and statistical analysis using methods such as control group analysis. The aim is for organisations to acquire the necessary methods and tools to run simple but robust impact analysis. This will allow organisations to apply the values from the Social Value Bank in a more robust way to their specific activities. Delegates are encouraged to bring their computers to participate in applied data analysis during the class (Excel required) .

The second part of the course will provide guidance on how to make the most of social impact measurement results in your organisation. It will provide insight into how results can inform improved decision-making, demonstrate ways to present results to senior teams, budget holders and decision makers and how to answer questions that may arise. It will explore how to tailor results for different audiences, and finally how VFM statements can benefit from robust measurement of social returns.

Bespoke training to meet your organisation's requirements

As well as these masterclasses, we also deliver bespoke training according to the needs of your organisation. 

This might include a learning event providing an overview into social value, or a more detailed workshop looking at how to apply and implement a social value framework within your organisation. 

Find out more about how we can provide a bexpoke training package for your organisation.

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"Finally an event on social impact that really gets to grips with what social value is, how to measure it, and why we should care! Both instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly, and great at explaining complex concepts."


"I really enjoyed the training. The presenters explained everything really well and used real life examples. It has helped me a lot!"