Social Value Network for Contractors

Clients, including Housing Associations, are increasingly looking for value for money from their supply chain. And social value, as an expression of social purpose, is being treated more seriously in procurement processes. Contractors have a wealth of expertise they can offer to create meaningful opportunities and to affect change in local communities.

But are contractors just paying lip service to social value in their tenders? Or are they committed to generating social value, not just because tenders ask for it, but as part of their ethos?

HACT has created the Social Value Network for those contractors that want to demonstrate their commitment to delivering social value, together with effective measurement and reporting.

The Social Value Network is membership-based. All members of the Network:

  • Benefit from Staff Training: A session delivered by HACT for your staff. Training will ensure relevant staff understand the role of social value within the business, and will fully explain measurement and reporting mechanisms.
  • Hold a license to use the Social Value Bank: The Social Value Bank is the largest set of methodologically-consistent values ever produced. As a contractor, you must obtain a licence to use the values. You can find out more about obtaining a licence here
  • Have a Social Value Policy: You must have an accessible policy that outlines your understanding of social value in the business and that outlines your commitment to maximise social value.
  • Demonstrate suitable systems and processes: You will need to ensure that there are systems in place to accurately measure and report social value. HACT will assess existing processes and, where necessary, will make recommendations on next steps to satisfy membership requirements. 

Membership benefits

  • Validation to housing providers that want to engage with contractors committed to delivering social value
  • Use of the associated Social Value Network label and logo in publicity material
  • Opportunities to meet other Network members
  • Inclusion on HACT's website as a member of the Network that can be accessed by housing associations 
  • Access to the HACT certification process to get reports certified 

Cost to join the Social Value Network

Membership to the network itself is free although there are costs associated with the entry criteria, including the staff training day and a licence for the Social Value Bank. For supply chain organisations, licence costs are scaled, depending on turnover. Please complete the initial enquiry form below and we will be in touch to provide you with more detail and the full costs.

Find out more

Our social value team will be happy to talk with you about what the Social Value Network could offer to you along with a full proposal of costings for fulfilling the entry criteria. Please complete your details below and we will be in touch with you soon.

Members include: