Social Value Certification

  1. What is Certification?

Certification is an assessment of how you have applied the Social Value Bank to your activities. We will assess your completed Value Calculator to check you have applied the Social Value Bank correctly. If the criteria are met you will receive HACT Certification.

Certification is a thorough assessment process against set criteria and it will require internal resource to prepare your submission. If you have not applied the values correctly or the necessary information is not provided, Certification will not be awarded.


  1. What are the benefits of Certification?

Certification is designed to give housing providers confidence in their social impact results and to establish and maintain a quality standard across the sector.

Benefits include:

  • Confidence to assert the quality of your results within the business
  • Boost your reputation to existing and potential partners and clients
  • Illustrate the ability of your business to deliver and accurately report social value
  • Demonstrate that your outcomes represent Value for Money to Homes England and others
  • Establish your place in the sector as a social value best practice business
  • Achieving Certification leads to 10% off the cost of Certification the following year


  1.  What do I have to do?
  • Send us your completed Value Calculator. We will then paste your data into a Certification-ready Value Calculator and return it to you to complete the additional tabs.
  • You need to complete the Certification-ready Value Calculator to ‘show your working’ behind how you have applied the Social Value Bank to your results. You must provide information to demonstrate you have met the full-criteria. You can refer to the Guidance document, pre-assessment criteria, and full criteria to guide you.


4.    How much does it cost?

There is no cost to submit your completed Certification-ready Value Calculator to the first (pre-assessment) stage of Certification. If it is decided your submission is ready to proceed to full assessment the cost is £1000 + VAT. Please note - this does not guarantee that your submission will be achieve Certification.


  1. What resources are available?
  • A workflow diagram that outlines the different stages of the process
  • A Certification-ready Value Calculator that you will need to complete. HACT can paste your data from your completed Value Calculator (v3)
  • The Certification Guidance – this guides you through completing your Value Calculator for Certification
  • Pre-assessment criteria – this is the preliminary assessment against which your submission will be assessed before being able to move to full assessment
  • Full assessment criteria – this is the full criteria against which your submission will be assessed.


  1. Key Points
  • You cannot buy Certification; paying for Certification is no guarantee your submission will be certified.
  • It will require internal resource to provide the information required and to make any necessary amendments.
  • Applying for Certification is not just sending us your Value Calculator – you need to complete the additional tabs to meet the requirements.
  • We recommend going through the Guidance and full criteria to ensure your submission meets all requirements before submission.


If you wish to apply for Certification please send your completed Value Calculator to