Service improvement

Through our impact evaluations of key services, we help deliver the evidence you need to understand and measure the impact of your service, as well as how you can improve it.

We also offer impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, relevant training and reporting of findings and recommendations. Our evaluations service draws on insights and expertise from our social value team, as well as Community Insight, and the Data Standards team.

How we've helped: mental health & financial inclusion

Orbit commissioned HACT in 2019 to evaluate their mental health and financial support services. They wanted to understand the impact of both services, capture how service delivery and design could be improved and use the findings to inform future procurement and commissioning exercises. 

The evaluation was carried out using a mixed-methods approach, incorporating quantitative and qualitative research, literature review and a social value assessment. 

The final reports included recommendations for data collection, management enhancements and partnership working and have been used to shape new versions of the services as well as inform discussions, investment decisions and tendering with delivery partners. 

How we've helped: tenancy sustainment

As part of a wider operational review, a leading registered provider of social housing in the UK wanted to understand what was happening in the sector, specifically around approaches to funding, community investment activity and tenancy sustainment. 

We reviewed their internal documents and conducted interviews with staff and residents to understand the impact of Riverside’s services in this area. We then assessed the extent to which services were aligned with the wider ambitions and vision for the organisation and how this could be optimised, drawing on our knowledge of the sector and examples of emerging good practice from both within and beyond the social housing sector.  

Our best practice review collated those findings, delivering a strong evidence base for the organisation to develop service improvements and ensure their services were delivering the best outcomes for their customers. 

If you would like us to help you build a research strategy, please contact Frances Harkin.