rent-flex White Paper

Our White Paper, Paid in full: Putting residents in control, published in March 2021, looks at rent-flex as an empowering solution to tenancy sustainment challenges.

The White Paper draws on the results of a rent-flex pilot with Optivo tenants to determine the key benefits of the service. These include:

  • Improved engagement: tenants liked the concept of rent-flex and were more likely to engage with it than with existing financial or budgeting support services
  • Increased financial benefits to residents: as part of the onboarding process residents were able to be engaged with budgeting support and income maximisation services which yielded significant benefits.
  • Improved rent payment: residents who completed twelve months of rent-flex in the manual pilot paid 98.4% of their contractual rent, compared to 90% of the control group.
  • Improved relationships and satisfaction: there was an increase in inbound contact from residents using rent-flex, as well as greater success with outbound contacts, and the quality of conversations with tenants increased. Overall, rent-flex boosted resident satisfaction levels with the organisation.

The rent-flex approach to income collection could transform the landlord-tenant relationship by creating a joint planning approach to the management of rent payments, improving residents’ financial resilience, health and wellbeing, and giving them greater control of their finances and lives.

Download the White Paper

Download the White Paper


For more information on rent-flex or how you can get involved in the next pilot, please contact Matt Grenier.