rent-flex webinar

Webinar - Paid in full: Putting residents in control

29 March 2021

This webinar supported by rent-flex explored how a flexible rent service for social housing residents can deliver tangible benefits for both residents and the wider business.

The webinar highlighted the learnings from our rent-flex White Paper, a manual trial and also explored how the sector can test, refine and adopt innovative approaches to long running issues like rent arrears.

Andrew van Doorn, CEO at HACT, introduces HACT's work with rent-flex.

Jane Porter, Chief Operating Officer at Optivo, discusses the rent-flex pilot with Optivo tenants.

Damon Gibbons, Director for the Centre for Responsible Credit, discusses the rent-flex proposition.

Valentine Mulholland, Senior Policy Manager at The Money and Pensions Service, discusses financial wellbeing in the UK.

Rowan Foster, Research Director at IFF Research, discusses the rent-flex evaluation.

For more information on rent-flex or how you can get involved in the next pilot, please contact Matt Grenier.