7 June, 2022

Methodology Note for Wellbeing Values

The HACT Social Value Bank (SVB) provides social value estimates for almost 100 outcomes across 11 different outcome categories. These include Employment, Local Environment, Health, Financial Inclusion, Youth, Social Groups & Hobbies, Physical Activity, Homelessness, Maintenance of the Household, Maintenance of the Local Area, and Environment. 

Since the HACT SVB was first published in 2014, there have been a number of advancements and changes which may have an impact on the values associated with the outcomes.

The Methodology Note for Wellbeing Values first outlines the broad approaches adopted across the HACT wellbeing values, before setting out specific estimation details on an outcome-by-outcome basis.

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Methodology Note for Wellbeing Values

PUBLISHED: January 2022

AUTHORS: Simetrica Jacobs

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