Our diagnostic evaluation model

HACT has developed a proprietary, proven change model, designed through real-life successful transformations of both social purpose and commercial organisations. The model fuses together the capabilities needed to drive cross-cutting service and value improvement. We have tried and tested the model with a number of social housing organisations. 

Our diagnostic model enables us to determine an organisation's current capability operating levels and make contextual and practical recommendations that will enable and accelerate sustainable, organisation-wide service transformation. We provide an explanation of the scoring output for each of the nine core capabilities. 

Insights to determine the scoring output for each of the capabilities are based on an agreed number of interviews with key stakeholders. 

The interviews used structured talking-points to draw out situational analysis and form expert opinion on current, required and future-state operating levels. Additionally, formal documents (e.g., plans, strategies, presentations and reports) have been read and incorporated into the exercise.

The nine core capabillities

The scoring system for each core capability

An example of the scoring system in practice

"HACT’s approach allowed us to see what has worked and how we can continue to improve performance.”

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