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Community Insight launching in Scotland!


Our popular GIS-powered software is launching on 13 August!

Report values landlords' health outcomes for tenants


An innovative project coordinated by HACT aims to put monetary values on the health benefits to tenants of housing association work has released its first findings.

HACT and the SROI release joint linkages paper


The SROI Network (soon to be Social Value UK) and HACT are very pleased to publish a ‘linkages paper’ that sets out the relationship between Social Return on Investment (SROI) and HACT’s Social Value Bank (and accompanying tools the Value Calculator and Value Insight).

HACT seeks information on evaluation methods


We are requesting for housing providers to send us relevant information that will help us to ensure that the outputs of this new project better reflect the needs of your organisation and the housing sector as a whole.

Leading housing and health groups agree on action plan


Government departments, charities and learning networks have agreed on an action plan for improving housing and health in 2014/15.

Further £52m needed by Community Housing Organisations to Tackle Empty Homes Crisis


It’s Empty Homes Week and Community Housing Organisations around England are calling for a further £52m from the new Government, over the next three years, to bring more empty properties back into use.

Community Insight celebrates nomination for Open Data Institute Innovation awards with special pricing for smaller housing organisations


We’re making Community Insight available to even more housing providers, by reducing the cost to smaller providers who might not – to date – have been able to afford a subscription.

Conditional tenancies signalling cultural shift in Landlord/Tenant relationships


A new report by housing ideas and innovation agency HACT focuses on changes in landlord/tenant relationships arising from conditional tenancy pilots taking place in a number of housing providers.

HACT demoing Value Insight at NHF Annual Conference


We will be on stand number 1 to show the brand new sister product of Community Insight!

THT and Yarlington fund new HACT report into tenancy management


A new report entitled ‘Tenancy management in the social housing sector: Exploring new models and changes in the tenant-landlord relationship’ will be launched by HACT at the National Housing Federation’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham this September.