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Conditional tenancies signalling cultural shift in Landlord/Tenant relationships


A new report by housing ideas and innovation agency HACT focuses on changes in landlord/tenant relationships arising from conditional tenancy pilots taking place in a number of housing providers.

HACT demoing Value Insight at NHF Annual Conference


We will be on stand number 1 to show the brand new sister product of Community Insight!

THT and Yarlington fund new HACT report into tenancy management


A new report entitled ‘Tenancy management in the social housing sector: Exploring new models and changes in the tenant-landlord relationship’ will be launched by HACT at the National Housing Federation’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham this September.

Celebrating the work of Notting Hill Housing


We are very pleased to share this short documentary, produced Oliver Coward (grandson of John Coward), about the history of Notting Hill Housing for their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

New HACT Social Value metrics, guidance, toolkit online now!


HACT has today launched a major new report with Daniel Fujiwara setting out new approaches to valuing housing providers’ community investment activities.

New resources on HACT Self-Help Housing webpages


A brand new information resource hub for organisations in receipt of funding from the Empty Homes Community Grants Programme.

HACT’s Housing Big Data boosted by Nominet Trust funding


The HACT 'Housing Big Data' project has received major support from Nominet Trust, which has announced that it will be providing £50,000 of funding to the project.

Funding Support For Community Led Housing Projects


The Government have announced that the funding previously available for Community Right To Build is now going to be made more widely available to support a wider range of projects, including those involving bringing empty homes back into use.

First ever map of community-led self-help housing launched


Housing think-do tank HACT today launched the first ever map of community-led self help housing initiatives, highlighting the largest wave of new community-led housing provision since the 1960s.

'It's up to the people save economy in absence of government help'


It is up to the people of the North East to save the economy in the absence of assistance from central government, a housing debate has concluded