Version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards: more good news for your customers, good news for your business


HACT is delighted to announce the launch of version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards.

“Version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards incorporates three major domains: care and support, planned maintenance and income collection,” explained Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT.  ”This will help social housing providers to deliver better services, improve customer satisfaction and save resources. And, as with every previous iteration of the UK Housing Data Standard, it is available free for all users.”

“We couldn’t have developed this new version without our housing partners and OSCRE, the global experts in real estate data standards,” he added. “We’re looking forward to developing the next iteration of the data standards which will focus on development handovers and customer complaints. We expect these to be available as version 4.0 in 2020.”

Housing association partners who have worked on the development of this latest version of the standards include MSV, One Manchester, ForViva, Great Places, Johnnie Johnson, Arawak Walton, Irwell Valley, WCHG, Northwards, Jigsaw, Bolton at Home, Hyde, Riverside, CHP, L&Q, Raven, Halton Housing Trust and supported by Housemark and Pilon. The care and support domain was developed in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Housing Providers. 

“L&Q is convinced that the standards are facilitating our drive to deliver housing and services better, faster and at lower cost,” David Harrison, Head of Data at L&Q said. “It is our firm conviction that this collaboration is not only good for the housing sector, but also delivers real value for participants. We have been able to leverage our participation to shorten development cycles for our own change and transformation projects in the confidence that the underlying data model is comprehensive and flexible enough to support both current and future ways of working.”

“OSCRE’s collaboration with HACT and their housing partners is a great case study,” said Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International. “It is an extraordinary example of standards enabling better outcomes for the participants in the project, their customers and also for the industry.” 

HACT and OSCRE will be starting the development of version 4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards next month. Housing associations who are developing the UK Housing Data Standards include MTVH, Home Group, L&Q, CHP, Yorkshire Housing and Linc Cymru. Other organisations working with HACT on the UK Housing Data Standards include Aareon, Unboxed, Ecco, iPropertyCloud, Semarchy, Hitachi Solutions, SDS, Manifest Software, VerseOne and Amazon.

“By implementing the data standard across all our sources of data, we can start to see a unified view. This - along with our reporting strategy ‘All data in one place, all reporting from one tool’ - just makes sense,” a spokesperson for Home Group stated. “We are all looking forward to getting involved, joining the community and helping to drive the standard forward. This is good for us all and is the right thing to do."

Some of the business benefits for organisations that adopt the standards include: 

  • Consistent and shareable customer data
  • More accurate and timely updates to customer and case owner
  • Greater consistency in tender and instruction processes
  • Greater consistency across internal teams and contractors
  • More effective compliance
  • Clarity and consistency of void income loss reporting
  • Consistent rent statements easier to understand for customers
  • Easier cost attribution and recovery through service charge

We started developing the UK Housing Data Standards in 2017. Over 50 housing associations, software and tech companies have helped us develop the standards. Each version is developed collaboratively with housing association partners, who share their working processes with us, so we can develop use cases that are realistic and practical.

Since last year’s launch of version 2.0, over 400 organisations have downloaded the data standards, ranging from the leading G15 housing associations to smaller, local organisations. And over 180 housing associations have told us that they have downloaded the standards in order to implement them into their business practices.

OSCRE has been instrumental in the development of the UK Housing Data Standards and is an internationally recognised sector leader. Its data model includes 90 use cases, as well as seven core real estate functions. The UK Housing Data Standards have been developed as a collaboration between HACT and OSCRE. Version 1.0 of the data standards included the voids and allocation process, and core customer data. Version 2.0 of the data standards included reactive repairs. These are included within version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards.

HACT and OSCRE will be starting development work on v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards imminently. These will include the complaints process and the issue of development handovers, which is particularly pertinent bearing in mind the impact of the Hackitt Review.

Standardised data will make it easier for all housing associations to manage their properties from design throughout occupation, reduce post-construction legal and financial disputes and improve the quality of newly built homes.