VerseOne Group joins the Data Standards


HACT is delighted to welcome VerseOne Group as an official partner of the UK Housing Data Standards.

“VerseOne is investing in converting its products to use the UK Housing Data Standards,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “They are another of the leading software companies working with the social housing sector who are engaging with the UK Housing Data Standard and can see the evident benefits the standards bring to the sector.”

“Our partnership with VerseOne is another example of software companies who are rushing to join the data standards movement, helping the social housing sector implement business changing technology quicker through providing UK Housing Data Standards-compliant systems and data interfaces. This will help the sector make informed business decisions, reduce costs and meet their audit and compliance guidelines. Those housing associations working with us on developing the standards are already benefitting from the partnerships we are developing with software specialists like VerseOne.”

“As a leading supplier of digital transformation solutions to the social housing sector, spanning over 14 years and hundreds of solutions—including real-time API-driven portals—VerseOne has integrated with a vast range of back-office systems,” said Alan Neilson, Founder & Executive Chairman, VerseOne Group Ltd. “This highly secure and effective capability is one of the many reasons that VerseOne has become a clear market leader in social housing.

“As is often the case, and hence the challenge, every one of these systems—housing management, asset management, repair scheduler or middleware—has a different way of storing and transferring data. Not tackled properly, this not only makes integration projects fiddly and unnecessarily lengthy, but can increase on-going costs too.

“VerseOne was founded to make a difference in our chosen sectors, and we believe that all social housing organisations, regardless of size, should be able to take advantage of the power of unified, personalised, self-service solutions. But, in order to provide a digital solution that truly delivers, integration is a crucial component—and it is widely acknowledged and accepted that adherence to clear and well defined standards make this task significantly less challenging.

“It is because of this belief that we fully support HACT’s drive to create, and encourage uptake of, the UK Housing Data Standards. As part of our commitment to this, VerseOne is creating default Connectors for our Autevo Intelligent Integration Platform—thus providing plug-and-play functionality for social housing organisations with systems that have adopted the UK Housing Data Standards."

VerseOne Group is also working with Manifest Software Solutions, another HACT partner, providing the potential for powerful end-to-end integration and real-time self-service portal solutions based on the UK Housing Data Standards.

There are still opportunities for software companies and housing associations to get involved in the development, implementation and promotion of the UK Housing Data Standards.

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