Thirteen signs up to support the UK Housing Data Standard


A warm welcome to Thirteen, who have signed up to support the development of v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard.

A spokersperson for Thirteen said: 

"In changing our operational model last year, our intention was to create a better way of managing and maintaining successful communities across the Tees Valley, ensuring the right services and products are in place to support a strong and diverse customer base for Thirteen. One of the foundations of this change is in the data we use to measure, understand, modify and improve our services.


HACT’s UK Housing Data Standard fulfils a much-needed requirement for us to introduce a standardised dataset across the organisation that will not only improve our own efficiencies, but also enable us to innovate and iterate with fleet of foot.


We’re excited about working in partnership not only with HACT and OSCRE, but also with other forward-thinking social housing organisations who are also developing v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard.


Focusing on and rationalising the data standardisation for development handovers will helps us deliver on our ambitious development targets, quicker and more efficiently, for the ultimate benefit of local people across the North East."