New ideas, new technology, new partners


HACT is excited to announce partnership with Aareon, in a move that will catalyse ideas, and bring innovation to the social housing sector.

“Our Innovation Launch Pad showcases and accelerates the adoption of new technology in the social housing sector,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “This partnership with Aareon will enable us to create a pipeline of possibilities based on their technical and business expertise. It’s the missing piece in fast-tracking and embedding new technology in the sector.”

“Aareon is already engaging with start-ups and SME technology providers in the UK to create a pipeline of innovative technology businesses that align with our strategic objectives and engaging with our customers to deliver the benefits of an ecosystem approach to housing software,” said Nigel Rees, Managing Director of Aareon. “Our collaboration with HACT through the Innovation Launch Pad will enable us to stimulate great ideas, and to promote and accelerate technology led innovations in the housing sector.”

Launch Pad provides a platform for technology companies to hone, test and develop their ideas, so that it meets the requirements of the sector. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer Aareon’s technical and business expertise as part of our Launch Pad offer, with the aim of creating a pipeline of technologies that meet the sector’s needs.

The partnership with Aareon will also benefit from our development of a UK housing data standard, which will enable technology companies to develop new ideas based on common data formats. The combination of our partnership with Aareon, and the UK housing data standard, are critical moments in the housing sector’s journey towards digital transformation.

“As well as collaborating with Aareon to promote our Launch Pad,” said Jay Saggar, HACT Launch Pad Coordinator, “we will also be using this partnership to actively explore bringing in new funds to stimulate innovation in technology for the housing sector. Through these, we aim to continue providing new ideas, products and solutions that speak to the challenges and opportunities the social housing sector faces.”