New cross-sector partnership launched to transform UK housing analysis


Some of the leading names in UK housing have joined forces for an ambitious partnership designed to transform housing sector peer comparisons. Called i4H, the partnership has been formed by housing innovation agency HACT, analytics consultants QAHC, membership organisation the Northern Housing Consortium and accountants and business advisors Beever and Struthers, a leading provider of audit services.

It has one main ambition - to improve the way peer performance measurement is carried out in the housing sector and make it relevant to the future needs of registered providers.
The partnership recognises that RPs are undergoing unprecedented change and facing new challenges. Boards and executive teams need to be on top of their game to fully understand the complexities of their business and implications of their decision making. They must also be able to prove the numbers stack up when the HCA comes calling.
The i4H partnership – which has shared plans in advance with the HCA – is guaranteeing a responsive and insightful peer performance review service, delivered at an affordable price.

Subscribers to the benchmarking service will also have the opportunity to collaborate in the development of i4H and HACT’s Next Generation Benchmarking project, focused on building cutting edge data-driven performance models capable of meeting the evolving needs of housing associations.

As well as partnering on the development of new benchmarking standards, HACT will be leading the establishment of regional innovation groups for participants in the new analytics initiative and working with i4H to embed their sector-standard social value methodologies with the new performance framework offered by the partnership.
Over 40 organisations have trialled, or are trialling, the current service and i4H has successfully demonstrated it can deliver fast, succinct, bespoke and insightful performance data based on its unique analytics platform, at an affordable membership fee.

The i4H analysis provides a complete package for the social housing sector to demonstrate peer performance reviews including cost per unit, operational performance, customer satisfaction, financial health and Value for Money specific key performance indicators (KPI) .
The partnership will also be working together to deliver a range of innovative and data driven projects to support the sector to deliver quality services based on wider analytical data and insights.

The partnership has offered their support and advice to the new Sector Scorecard Group, and our new analytics platform  will capture all the  proposed KPI’s, as well as, developing further the Social Value indicators with HACT as they are currently undefined.

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