Measuring the customer experience


HACT is delighted to announce the launch of a research project with Peabody and Network Homes around measuring the customer experience.

“How we can better measure customer experience is a question the social housing sector has been asking for a long time,” said Rob Wray, Chief Innovation Officer at HACT. “This research project with Peabody and Network Homes aims to find an answer to that question at last, focusing on how customer feedback can be put to a more meaningful operational use.

“The project is timely, set against a backdrop of increasing demands for social housing organisations to change the power dynamics involved in the relationships they have with their residents. These demands have been brought into even sharper focus by the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent recommendations of the Hackitt Report. This research project will consider the rationale for using current methodologies used to measure customer experience, explore alternative methodologies and promote increased transparency around all these methodologies.

“What is very clear is that our relationship with our residents and the way they want to consume and access our services is changing. This has increasingly raised questions about the value customer satisfaction as a metric by itself provides in understanding service user experience or informing service design for the future.

“We have worked in this space for several years, including our recent research into customer satisfaction Rethinking customer insight: Moving beyond the numbers (2018), and are ideally placed to support Peabody and Network Homes as they seek to create a more sophisticated model for the sector.”

“We’re currently in the scoping phase of research,” added Frances Harkin Research Lead at HACT, “and will soon be administering a survey to selected social housing organisations, including members of the G15. After this we will interview key stakeholders. Drawing on insights from the survey and interview stages, and in collaboration with Peabody and Network Homes, HACT will produce a white paper collating our findings and setting out next steps for the sector.

“This is an exciting opportunity for HACT to work with leading figures in the social housing sector to explore new ways to evolve customer feedback,” she continued. “Our focus will be on evolving traditional models of feedback, defining the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and customer expectation, exploring the role of benchmarking, and converting data to decision.”

The research will conclude in the spring 2020, with results published in a research paper that will be shared across the sector. The report will include insights for other social housing organisations who want to challenge and transform the way they collect customer experience data. The research will help shape the narratives and priorities identified by Peabody and Network Homes, and support the design of a bold and coherent roadmap to making customer feedback actionable and relevant in our changing sector.

For further information about how to be involved in the survey feedback, please contact Frances Harkin.