Manifest joins the Data Standards


HACT is delighted to welcome Manifest Software Solutions as an official partner of the UK Housing Data Standards.

“Manifest Software Solutions are the only dedicated systems integrator in the UK housing sector, and are helping numerous organisations to deliver digital transformation,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “As we continue to develop the UK Housing Data Standards, so more and more housing associations are starting to implement them and are turning to software specialists like Manifest.”

“Our partnership with Manifest Software Solutions will help to turn the data standards into a reality for the UK housing sector, helping organisations to deliver customer-focused services, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction through better data systems and processes. Those housing associations who are currently working with us on developing the standards are already benefitting from the partnerships we are developing with software specialists like Manifest Software Solutions.”

“Like HACT, we believe that the adoption of a common Data Standard across all organisations in the UK housing sector would be of huge benefit to everyone,” said Dave Carr from Manifest Software Solutions. “By simplifying the integration process, housing associations will benefit from smoother processes and lower costs while staff are freed up from manual data entry and duplication to focus on more productive tasks. Tenants also derive benefits from smoother and simpler communications, and more control over their own records.

“And with common standards in place, we can focus on the mechanism, the security and monitoring of the interface to increase the aforementioned benefits even further.”

There are still opportunities for software companies and housing associations to get involved in the development, implementation and promotion of the UK Housing Data Standards.

Further information can be found here