L&Q signs up for v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards


L&Q signs up to support and develop v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards.

A spokesperson from L&Q stated: 

"L&Q are proud to have contributed to the delivery of the HACT UK Housing Data Standard versions 2.0 and 3.0 and look forward to continuing the partnership in delivering version 4.0.


"It is our firm conviction that this collaboration is not only good for the housing sector, but also delivers real value for the participants. We have been able to leverage our participation to shorten development cycles for our own change and transformation projects in the confidence that the underlying data model is comprehensive and flexible enough to support both current and future ways of working. This gives an unprecedented level of ‘future-proofing’.


"L&Q are convinced that the standards are facilitating our drive to deliver housing and services better, faster and at lower cost.


"The snowballing number of housing associations signing up to the standards is increasing opportunities for collaboration, whether for bench-marking or for other data exchange purposes. At the same time the adoption of the standards by several software providers has begun to expand and improve the solutions available in a hitherto stagnant marketplace."

Version 4.0 of the UK Housing Data standards will focus on development handovers and customer complaints. For further information about how you can get involved, please contact Jay Saggar.