Innovation in Practice conference: two days that will change the way you work


HACT is delighted to announce the launch of Innovation in Practice: a two day conference that will change the way you work.

“We know from talking with colleagues in the housing sector that, for many, innovation is just a buzz word,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “Our role has always been to support and encourage change and transformation within social housing, so we’re proud to launch our first Innovation in Practice conference, which has been developed with the sector’s needs in mind.

“We’re confident it will change the way of working for those who attend the conference,” Andrew continued. “We’ve assembled a list of inspirational speakers, as you might expect. But the purpose of this conference is not just about sitting passively and listening and feeling inspired. It’s about giving delegates the tools they need to put innovation into practice the day after the conference finishes.”

The confirmed speaker list includes:

  • Peter Ross, Producer at the BBC
  • Juan Lagrange, co-founder of Sunlight
  • Melissa Woodall, Head of New Business at PiLON
  • Topi Tiihonen, CEO at SkenarioLabs
  • Chris Lees, OSCRE
  • Aviv Katz & Jack Graham, Year Here
  • Gerard Kavanagh, StarfishMint

There will also be presentations from colleagues within the social housing sector who are at the forefront of business and digital transformation, who will share their experience of putting innovation into practice:

  • Carole Goldsworthy, Director of ICT and Business Improvement at Halton
  • Sarah Mbatha, Director of Housing, Care and Communities at Octavia