Home Group signs up to support the data standards


A warm welcome to Home Group, who have signed up to support the development of v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard.

A spokesperson from Home Group said: 

"At Home Group we have been working towards a simpler model for all our data and reporting needs for the last few years. As we all know, in housing we have many systems and none of them talk to each other; all store the same or similar data in many locations. There are a number of solutions we can look at across our data estate and they all try to simulate this interaction, like integration and MDM - both of which we are in the process of implementing. 

However, even with these solutions starting to take shape, the data still looks different. By implementing the data standard across all our sources of data, we can start to see a unified view. This - along with our reporting strategy ‘All data in one place, all reporting from one tool’ - just makes sense.

We are all looking forward to getting involved, joining the community and helping to drive the standard forward. This is good for us all and is the right thing to do."