Hitachi Solutions joins the Data Standards


HACT is delighted to welcome Hitachi Solutions as an official partner of the UK Housing Data Standards.

“Hitachi Solutions has developed and built a housing analytical model using the UK Housing Data Standards,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “They are one of a number of software companies who are engaging with the UK Housing Data Standard and can see the evident benefits the standards bring to the social housing sector.”

“Our partnership with Hitachi Solutions is another example of software companies joining the data standards movement, helping the social housing sector to realise the opportunity their data can provide, make informed business decisions, avoid costly mistakes and meet their audit and compliance guidelines. Those housing associations working with us on developing the standards are already benefitting from the partnerships we are developing with software specialists like Hitachi Solutions.”

“Hitachi Solutions chose to invest in developing and supporting HACT’s data standards as we believe this is a game changer in housing,” said Ciara McMillian, Industry Director – Housing, at Hitachi Solutions. “As a housing professional working for a technology provider, I want to support the sector by using technology to solve some of the current challenges the sector faces. I’ve always been a believer in a sector-wide data standard, but knew it was a challenge to actually realise. I was pleased when HACT took the initiative and brought the sector together to develop the UK Housing Data Standards.”

“Hitachi Solutions is proud of the model we have developed, which is built on the UK Housing Data Standards,” she continued. “With the Green Paper and Tenants Together promoting more transparency and resident engagement, the data standard is key. Wanting a standard, and actually developing and implementing one is very different. With the complexity of challenges housing associations are dealing with at the moment, creating a way to transform current data from multiple places into a standard might not be a top priority. Our model makes this possible.”

Hitachi Solutions are working with a number of leading housing associations to get more value from their data, so they can deliver against their digital agendas.

There are still opportunities for software companies and housing associations to get involved in the development, implementation and promotion of the UK Housing Data Standards.

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