HACT's Deputy CEO to take part in a Guardian Q&A session today at 12pm.


Andrew Van Doorn will be participating in a discussion about current housing policy and how providers are going to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change.

Monday 19 March

The stream of new policy from housing minister Grant Shapps' office has been thick and fast as the government makes radical changes to the housing sector.

The high-profile minister and the vast amount of policy has helped to propel housing to the top of the national agenda, but the pace of change has left many in the sector working overtime.Each policy change requires careful study from housing providers and others involved in the sector in order to find new opportunities, protect their organisations' finances and prepare residents for the consequences.

So how can housing providers keep up with the pace of change in government policy? Is the wealth of new policy a good thing for housing and how can housing providers best prepare? The Guardian has initiated a panel discussion to talk about these issues and more at 12pm on Monday 19 March.


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