HACT seeks information on evaluation methods


We are requesting for housing providers to send us relevant information that will help us to ensure that the outputs of this new project better reflect the needs of your organisation and the housing sector as a whole.

We are interested in receiving a sample of evaluations that have been carried out by or for social housing providers, to evaluate or provide evidence on projects carried out with the sector. These evaluations could be from any area of housing providers’ activity and using any methodology, though we have a particular interest in evaluations that touch upon housing with health or care and support.

HACT is working in association with a group of its innovation partners in the housing association sector and Public Health England to improve our understanding of the range of approaches to evaluation that are currently deployed in the housing sector. This will inform a broader piece of work to consider the variety of options available for evaluations in the future, and the circumstances in which each might be appropriate.

Examples of useful information might include:

  • An internal study looking at a particular community investment project;
  • A report by a BI team examining the potential or actual impacts of particular business decisions;
  • Commissioned research conducted by a consultant to examine a programme of work;
  • Results from a trial or pilot to consider whether a particular service innovation is effective before deploying it.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive and we are interested in receiving anything that would help contribute to our understanding of the range of evidence-generating techniques being used within the sector. This could also include any interim findings of evaluation work that is ongoing and even specification/commissioning documents that give an indication of the intended approach in a forthcoming evaluation, even if no outputs are available.

We are equally interested in receiving reports that have been produced for internal purposes as those that have been made available to the wider sector. If there is any degree of confidentiality you would like HACT to observe in relation to a particular report (e.g. not revealing the findings as they are commercially sensitive, or not revealing the name of the organisation that the work relates to) then we will be happy to agree.

Evaluations that show that a particular innovation was not effective are just as interesting as those that demonstrated success; we are, of course, happy to treat these as confidential if the provider prefers.

It would be helpful to receive any copies of information by 14 February 2015. Please send papers to Thomas Allen (Thomas.Allen@hact.org.uk), or get in touch with any queries.