HACT partners with Digital Skills Solutions and Collab Group to deliver digital apprenticeships


HACT is delighted to announce the launch of two digital apprenticeships, designed to enable housing associations to bridge the digital skills gap.

“The social housing sector wants to deliver on digital, but many housing associations can’t because they don’t have the in-house skills,” Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive at HACT, said. “Our digital apprenticeship scheme has been designed specifically for housing associations. It will help them to develop the in-house skills to engage with their customers through digital channels, provide them with the analytical expertise needed to make the best use of big data and, ultimately, enable them to deliver on their digital objectives.”

The partnership will provide digital apprenticeships to local housing associations, enabling them to increase internal skills required to engage with their customers and analyse evidence to inform better decision making.

Apprentices will be recruited for two pathways initially (more digital roles will follow); L3 Digital Communication (tools) Lead and L4 Data Analysis. The first stage of the partnership will be focussed on London, with the intention to expand opportunities to housing associations across the UK.

“This is an exciting opportunity to use apprenticeship training as an integral part of HACT’s digital transformation programme,” said Carlos Cubillo-Barsi, Managing Director at Digital Skills Solutions. “The anticipated business and social benefits of the training have been very clearly articulated and we look forward to working in partnership with HACT and Collab Group to ensure that they are realised.”

“Our new partnership with HACT and DSS is a great opportunity for apprentices to gain experience in the housing sector and strengthen their digital talent pool,” Ian Pretty – Collab Group’s CEO said. “We know how important apprentices are to our economy and wider society and we are excited to join this partnership which will create new opportunities for apprentices, providers and employers.”

This partnership will allow housing associations to benefit from the enthusiasm and expertise of apprentices by increasing engagement and amplifying tenant voice. The announcement of this partnership comes at a great time as we prepare for national apprenticeship week from the 4th—8th March.

We are looking forward to highlighting the fantastic contribution that apprentices make to employers in meeting their business needs.