HACT Endorses the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health


Endorsement of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health by HACT's Chief Executive Andrew van Doorn

On 30th August Public Health England launched the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health. The Concordat promotes evidence based planning and commissioning to increase the impact on reducing health inequalities. It is underpinned by an understanding that taking a prevention-focused approach to improving the public’s mental health is shown to make a valuable contribution to achieving a fairer and more equitable society.

The Concordat is intended to provide a focus for cross-sector action and signatories come from a range of organisations and sectors, including HACT’s Chief Executive Andrew van Doorn. The consensus statement, with a full list of signatories, is available here.

Along with the concordat Public Health England has launched a suite of documents, which can be accessed here.