Gentoo signs up to support v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard


A warm welcome to Gentoo, who have signed up to support the development of v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard, and are working on the development handover use case.

Nigel Wilson, CEO of Gentoo Group, said:

“We’re excited to be involved in developing the v4 data standard with HACT. We believe that developing standards for our sector will enable housing providers to efficiently process and share information with our partners. Creating a consistent data model for our sector will provide a platform on which we can further effectively benchmark our performance, collaborate together to develop systems and processes, as well as enable data modelling and analytics projects.

This should provide meaningful insights that will help us add value to the services we provide to our tenants. With greater regulatory focus on our management of data, the development of standards should also contribute to the assurance that our assets are well managed.”