Funding Support For Community Led Housing Projects


The Government have announced that the funding previously available for Community Right To Build is now going to be made more widely available to support a wider range of projects, including those involving bringing empty homes back into use.

This is a welcome development, since it makes it possible to secure revenue funding to support the cost of undertaking a feasibility study in advance of embarking on a project which could involve bringing empty property back into use.  However,  qualifying projects  need to involve planning permission, since the whole purpose is to help community led organisations  to work up schemes that require planning permission and to get over that particular  hurdle.  You can read the Guidance and get a better idea of what’s on offer and what’s  required here:     Planning Application Route – application guidance – PDF (240KB)                  

Although the amounts of funding available are not set out in the Guidance, its understood  that it’s likely to be around £30k per application.  Any organisation that is already eligible  for EHCGP funding will qualify, in terms of having an appropriate legal structure. 

Finally, there’s £17m available in total up until 31/3/15 and there’s no deadline for making an application. Organisations in London will need to apply via the GLA.


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