Flying the standard


HACT is excited to announce that Housemark, L&Q and Metropolitan, as well as a number of other housing associations, have signed up to support the development of the full version of the UK housing data standard.

“The involvement of Housemark, L&Q, Metropolitan and numerous other housing associations signals that the development of the UK data standards will be accelerated,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “It’s no longer a question of whether data standards will happen. We believe that once the full data standard is developed, it will be adopted and embraced by the sector.

“Those organisations who are involved in its development will have the opportunity not only to shape how the standards will work, but also influence which standards are developed first,” he continued. “The first area of development for phase two of the UK housing data standard will be repairs, building on the work we have already done on customer data, voids and allocations.”

“At HouseMark we are supportive of a data standard for the sector,” said Arturo Dell, Director of Technology and Innovation. “Maximising the wealth of experience and expertise across data, insight and business intelligence, we are pleased to be working with HACT and housing provides to find ways to collaborate and make this a success.”

Version 1.0 of the UK Housing data standard was released by HACT in January 2018. Since then, it has been downloaded by over 250 housing associations, many of whom are now discussing with HACT how they can be involved in the development of the full UK housing data standard.

“Our pioneering work on social value has influenced and shaped the sector,” Andrew added, “just as we always have. We see the data standard as the next big thing in social housing: it might not be particularly sexy, but it will have a game-changing impact not only for housing associations but also for the customer experience.”

Confirmed list of supporters of the data standards:



Lewisham Homes



Poplar Harca


Thames Valley

In addition, we are speaking with numerous housing associations and consortia in Manchester, Liverpool, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the south east and west of England.