First ever map of community-led self-help housing launched


Housing think-do tank HACT today launched the first ever map of community-led self help housing initiatives, highlighting the largest wave of new community-led housing provision since the 1960s.

The maps shows how, following the introduction of funding for community-led initiatives to bring empty homes into use in 2011, over 100 community organisations across England have emerged, taking on over 2000 properties.

Access the map here.

HACT CEO Matt Leach said: “Whilst some of these organisations have been active in this space for a number of years, the availability of new funds has helped kick-start a new wave of interest in community-led housing, with organisations emerging which in many ways mirror the sorts of activity that defined the early development of the Cathy Come Home era housing sector.” For the last three years, HACT has been working with Self Help Housing to provide support to new and emerging housing organisations, with funding from the Tudor Trust and Tribal Group.

Jon Fitzmaurice, Director of Self Help Housing said: “What’s amazing about these new groups is the energy and resourcefulness they bring to providing housing in their communities.  And its not just creating homes for people to live in, its also boosting social capital, and the capacity and resilience of communities themselves.”

Housing Associations and community-led housing survey

The map has been published as HACT launch a survey of Housing Association engagement with this new and emerging community-led housing sector, which includes co-ops, co-housing groups, the meanwhile sector, and community land trusts; as well as self-help housing groups. Housing providers who would like more information, and those who wish to respond to the survey, see here.

Further, HACT are offering initial advice and support to Housing Associations and community groups seeking to access the recently expanded HCA Community-led project funding.  For more information contact HACT at


Find out more about HACT's involvement in the self-help housing project.