Developing the development handover data standard


HACT is delighted to announce the kick-off meeting for the development handover data standard that will form a key part of v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard.

“The kick-off meeting for the development handover data standard has come at a critical time for the social housing organisations as they meet the challenges of the Hackitt Review,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “Standardised data will help you create a digital passport that works and having standardised data throughout the development process will make it easier to manage your properties in the future.”

“With better data, there will be more clarity and more consistency about design requirements and less incentives to cut costs,” he continued. “All of this will mean better quality, safer homes for tenants, and a significantly reduced risk portfolio for social housing organisations, and improved margins for their contractors.”

Representatives from a number of leading housing associations, local authorities and contractors met for the first time in London yesterday to kick-off the process for the development handover data standard. They included Home Group, Hyde, L&Q, Thirteen, Gentoo, B3 Living, CHP, Linc Cymru, MTVH, LB Camden, Lewisham Homes, Yorkshire Housing, Morgan Sindall and SDS.

“We’ve been involved with the UK Housing Data Standards in some shape or form from the start,” said Barry McNulty, Head of Data, Hyde Housing. “We’re believers. The data standards project is an opportunity for us to collaborate with our partners in the sector and to be inspired and learn from what others are doing inside and outside the sector. To be part of a movement whose work will benefit our customers, our business and our sector for years to come is a great opportunity.”

“By implementing the data standard across all our sources of data, we can start to see a unified view. This - along with our reporting strategy ‘All data in one place, all reporting from one tool’ - just makes sense,” Richard Sample, Reporting Manager, Home Group stated. “We are all looking forward to getting involved, joining the community and helping to drive the standard forward. This is good for us all and is the right thing to do."

“L&Q is convinced that the standards are facilitating our drive to deliver housing and services better, faster and at lower cost,” David Harrison, Head of Data at L&Q said. “It is our firm conviction that this collaboration is not only good for the housing sector, but also delivers real value for participants. We have been able to leverage our participation to shorten development cycles for our own change and transformation projects in the confidence that the underlying data model is comprehensive and flexible enough to support both current and future ways of working.”

The group will continue meeting over the forthcoming six months as they develop data standards that will be free to use by any social housing organisation. The latest iteration of the UK Housing Data Standard, version 3.2, features data standards that can be used in reactive repairs, asset maintenance, income collection, care and support, voids and allocations, and core customer data. Over 850 organisations have downloaded the UK Housing Data Standard, and over 230 have informed us that they are implementing them in their business.

The UK Housing Data Standard has been developed by HACT in partnership with OSCRE, an internationally recognised sector leader. Its data model includes 90 use cases, as well as seven core real estate functions.

Editor’s notes

Members of the development handover data standards group are drawn from:

  • B3 Living
  • CHP
  • Gentoo
  • Home Group
  • Hyde Housing
  • LB Camden
  • Lewisham Homes
  • Linc Cymru
  • L&Q
  • Morgan Sindall
  • MTVH
  • SDS
  • Thirteen
  • Yorkshire Housing