Data downloads for Wales and Scotland


In response to the Covid-19 crisis, our colleagues at OCSI have collated data on people at-risk in Wales and Scotland. We are making this data available to the sector for free.

Following on from our announcement last week, we are now making two Excel spreadsheets containing data about at-risk and vulnerable people, as well as keyworkers, in Wales and Scotland available to download for free. 

Each spreadhseet contains information on:

  • At risk groups, including older people, those with self-reported poor health, those with underlying health conditions, and those receiving benefits for health or disability;
  • People who might require additional support, including pensioners living alone, people with English as a second language, carers and those living in overcrowded accommodation;
  • Key workers, showing numbers of local people working in a range of industries including health, retail and transport.

The spreadsheet for Wales contains data on 410 MSOAs, while the one for Scotland contains data for 1,279 intermediate zones. 

The Wales data can be downloaded here.

The Scotland data can be downloaded here.

We have also updated the England data download to include the recently published British Red Cross Covid-19 vulnerability index. This index is also included in both the Wales and Scotland spreadsheets.