Celebrating the work of Notting Hill Housing


We are very pleased to share this short documentary, produced Oliver Coward (grandson of John Coward), about the history of Notting Hill Housing for their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The film shows how a group of passionate social reformers set about tackling the appalling housing conditions found in Notting Hill in the mid-1960s. Their vision led to the formation of Notting Hill Housing, an organisation which for the past 50 years has worked to provide decent and affordable homes for people in the area and beyond. 

Notting Hill Housing worked very closely with HACT and others in the 1960s to found Shelter and raise significant resources to invest in the emerging housing association movement. This is a history that has built what is to this day, one of the largest not-for-profit social enterprise sectors in the UK, and has housed millions of families in need of a decent and affordable home. 

Produced by Quickstep Films

Directed & Produced by Oliver Coward

Interviews (in order of appearance):

John Coward OBE

Alan Johnson

Ann Kenrick

Kate Davies

Donold Hoodless