Invisible Systems


Remote Monitoring Solutions for Housing Associations 

If you′re responsible for providing safe, comfortable, well-maintained smart homes, Invisible Systems can help. Smart Internet of Things (IoT) technology empowers you to manage properties better, remotely monitoring everything from legionella risk to energy usage to environmental conditions like humidity and temperature.

With better insight, you can improve the wellbeing of your tenants − and the health of your buildings in the longer term. Additional benefits include substantial cost and carbon savings, so read on and get greener.

Improve the living standards of your tenants while reducing costs.

Environmental monitoring using the Internet of Things empowers landlords to manage their estates more efficiently.

Invisible Systems services can be configured to suit your portfolio − social, private, large, small − with smart technology spanning everything from humidity sensors to CO2 monitors.

If you’d like a bespoke consultation to find out which remote monitoring solutions are the best fit for your organisation, reach out today to speak with an Invisible Systems IoT expert.

HACT's View

Focusing on their ability to enable data driven decisions through IoT, Invisible Systems have a range of products that enable social housing organisations to better manage their homes and more energy efficient environments for their residents.

Invisible System's IoT sensors measure water quality, energy usage, humidity and temperatures within a property. The data that this produces on the property asset itself as well as the behaviour of the tenants that live there is invaluable, providingvital information to drive improved safety, sustainability and value for money.

Particularly through their work on the Smartline project in Cornwall, the ability to measure and understand damp and mould provided really key benefits to both tenants and landlord, with clear health, wellbeing, and economic improvements.

The way we use tech to drive our sector’s journey to net zero carbon will be paramount in meeting regulations. At HACT, we know that the collection and management of data is massively important, and the requirement to use tech solutions such as the IoT used by Invisible Systems as part our work towards sustainability will be a key part of this.